No Terminator is not coming to get you. We were actually thinking about his grand grand grandfather, the drone..

Oh, such harmless fun. There’s a drone for everyone. From kids fun to office fun. From aerial cameraman, wedding photographers, scientists, car racing enthusiasts and extreme sport fanatics to pizza deliveries and, well, porn. Everyone now has this new angle on their work which was until not long ago reserved for the Army, Hollywood, TV and other helicopter owners..

Mixed with GoPros of the world, these THINGS have become so successful and widespread that its hard to think how we ever lived without them. Just like Google Glass, oh wait.

Guys like Mapbox (link Mapbox https://www.mapbox.com/drone/no-fly/?embed=true#5/38.651/-96.504) have even developed a no drone fly zone map in the US, for the obvious reasons, that is constantly being updated.

So why are we talking about this? Well for one, video is a significant part of what we do, mainly video postproduction, color correction, versioning, VO and CGI. But also working closely with clients and video producers to plan the projects and make sure they are delivered on budget and time as wheels usually break on post production when it comes to those two parameters.

As quality video becomes even more accessible and easy to produce by audiences on social, mobile and even broadcast it will overtake the static text and photo digital communication.

B&T video teams are at your disposal for all your future video needs, wherever you are in the world.

But for now, let us take a selfie (with the drone)!


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