No, its not what you think although 90’s are so back right now.

We actually acquired some great new clients in the most exciting concrete oasis in the world, and made a few new friends on the way.

B&T is currently building some handy iPad apps for regional rails and financial institutions, new web presence for local royalties, producing new real estate construction video brochures and getting sweaty on some sports related topics.

And that’s just the start.

Who would have thought so much is going on in this part of the world!

Ok so print, OOH, TV and radio have been increasingly rolling out and penetrating audience here since the 90’s. However it seems that UAE, GCC, MENA or whatever abbreviation you like to use, is experiencing a proper digital revolution.

Although decision makers/budget spenders have apparently become more entrepreneurial since the first influx of foreign agencies and marketing services suppliers there is a seemingly a new energy of updating local digital presence across the board and across devices.

Mobile is huge yes, as is POS and Social, sure. But really the change appears to be systematic and ranging from government, infrastructure, investors, service industries through to media world and start up communities..

One thing that we also like to pitch is our Lab capacity.

Our resources allow us to offer more than just you usual digital production outsourcing. Working as partners rather than suppliers we love to develop innovative and disruptive projects with our clients and feel the adrenalin when a prototype makes it to the market sooner rather than later.

Well this is it in a nutshell from us for now on this teaser post.

Wish us luck, wear sunscreen and hope to catch up for a drink at Barasti with you soon!!